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    Time to Celebrate Self-Love in February

    International Boost Self-Esteem Month Did you know February is also known as International Boost Self-Esteem Month?  The first step to healthy self-esteem is practicing self-love and February 13th has been named International Day of Self-Love. Self-love is a choice that requires conscious intention and the willingness to take personal responsibility for your own well-being. This month I invite you to take the free Self-Care Challenge and learn how to focus on your own needs. Let go of any negative thoughts and acknowledge the positive in your life. If you need more encouragement to nurture yourself take a look at the following ten tips: Be mindful Give thanks for each day…

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    Watercolor Landscape Prints

    New watercolor landscape prints are now available in our Etsy shop! I am in love with these prints and have designed them to be hung both individually or as a triptych series. The designs flow together to give you multiple options for your gallery wall. Sign up for our newsletter and receive access to big subscriber-only coupon codes and free monthly downloads! Ocean: Mountains: Forest:

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    25 Artist Quotes for the Creative Mind

      Aristotle once said, “No great genius has ever existed without a strain of madness.” In order to change the world, you must see the world differently. The ones who leave a lasting impact on humanity are more often than not the same brilliant minds who fight mental illness with breathtaking courage. The link between genius and madness has been romanticized by the public but is also being researched by scientists. A 2015 study published in the journal Nature Neuroscience states “creative people take novel approaches requiring cognitive processes that are different from prevailing modes of thought or expression.  Thinking differently from others is, therefore, a prerequisite for creativity.” There is mounting evidence in…

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    Choose a Planner and Make 2018 Your Year to Shine!

      This post contains affiliate links. Please read our disclosure here. It’s time for a new year and new goals to be set. After spending 2017 writing everything down on separate sheets of papers, scrap pads, notebooks and basically anything I could get my hands on, it’s time to choose a planner and make 2018 a year to shine. While Google Docs and other online resources are helpful, I’m still an analog girl at heart and love to put pen to paper to visualize my thoughts. Choosing a Planner There are countless options available for all your planner needs but it really breaks down to four types of planners to…