Moon Magic

Aquarius Moon Phase Journal Prompts

The Moon transits through Aquarius when the lunar sky path crosses the eleventh sector of the Zodiac, which is located in the constellation of Aquarius, between <300° – 330°. Moon in Aquarius is the time to find the balance between your personal interests and the sacrifices you make for others. It brings with it a need to connect with others in collaboration for a higher ideal.

Now is the time for new and original ideas to flourish. You may be overflowing with originality but be aware that so are others and the mood could be a little selfish right now. Moon in Aquarius brings extra focus on the off-beat, eccentric and innovative ideas that can shake up the status quo but Aquarius is more about universal love than intimate one-on-ones.

Moon journaling each month during the new and full moon helps connect you with these lunar energies. Use these Aquarius moon phase journal prompts to help you during these times of transition.

New Moon in Aquarius

The New Moon in Aquarius only occurs when the Sun sign is also in Aquarius, during the end of January into the beginning of February. This is the season of Imbolc on the Wheel of the Year; a time when the forces of new life are awaking in the earth. It is the ideal time to lay plans for new beginnings.

Aquarius is ruled by the planet Uranus and is focused on originality and open-mindedness. The cliche of envisioning a utopian world where we can “smile on your brother, everybody get together, try to love one another right now” is on the mark.

The airy energy of Aquarius gives us a lift into thinking outside of the box and with more imagination. It’s okay to color outside the lines and find a new inspiration! Journal prompts for this moon phase include:

  • What unique talents can I share with the world?
  • How can I trust my intuition more fully?
  • What vision for the future is awakening in me?
  • Who are my friends and how do they make me feel?

Full Moon in Aquarius

Full Moon in Aquarius occurs when the Sun moves into Leo, the zodiac sector opposite Aquarius. This happens six months after the New Moon in Aquarius and takes place sometime between the end of July and the beginning of August. The northern hemisphere has entered the Lammas season when the first fruits of our labors are being harvested.

What were the goals that you set six months ago? The Aquarius New Moon was brimming with energy and new ideas. Are they still relevant or is it time to change course?

The energy of this full moon is about connecting with kindred spirits, the people who make you think, laugh and lift yourself to your highest expression of Truth. It lights a fire to revolutionary and progressive energy and with the right group of people, you will be able to move mountains together.

Aquarius allows us to explore the full depths of our psyche to come up with out-there revelations and singular innovations. Let your freak flag fly! A Full Moon in Aquarius gives you the power to fully harness your beliefs. Use the following journal prompts for this full moon phase:

  • What change do I want to see in my life?
  • Who can I collaborate with to create greater results?
  • How can I release fixed perceptions and false beliefs?
  • Does everything in my life currently have a need or purpose?

Aquarius Moon Magic

Aquarius is a Fixed Air sign that supports innovation and unique points of view. Focus your intentions on science, creative expression, problem-solving, freedom, friendships, breaking bad habits or addictions, as well as extrasensory abilities.

This is a good time to explore new and unconventional ideas.

Healing rituals for areas of the calves, ankles, or blood are also done at this time. ShopFourTEA on Etsy has a wonder Aquarius Moon Herbal Tea blend available to add to your self-care toolkit.

Wellness Mantras are:

  • I am open to new ideas and possibilities
  • I share and offer my power in love and service
  • I am more authentic every single day