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Aries Moon Phase Journal Prompts

The Moon transits through Aries when the lunar sky path crosses the first sector of the Zodiac, which is located in the constellation of Aries, between <0°-30°. Moon in Aries is an egotistical time when people are self-focused and often impulsive. It brings a peak of physical energy so use this time to really enjoy your favorite form of exercise.

Be mindful of impulsive urges or temper flare-ups when you are at work or around friends and family. Now is the time for *patience* and when you should channel your spontaneous energy into creativity or starting something new.

Moon journaling each month during the new and dark moon help connect you with these lunar energies. Use these Aries moon phase journal prompts to help you during these times of transition.

New Moon In Aries

The New Moon in Aries only occurs when the Sun sign is also in Aries, during the end of March into the beginning of April. This is when the full of energy of the sign will be felt at its fiery peak. This year it will take place on April 11, 2021.

Aries is ruled by the planet Mars and it is considered the wake-up call of the zodiac. Occurring as it does when the Sun’s path crosses the equator and begins to move into the northern hemisphere, for most regions of the world this heralds the start of spring. It is filled with the energy of new life and new beginnings.

The qualities that are exalted in Aries include honesty and truth, courage, fearlessness, respected leadership, the urge to take a risk and the love of a good challenge. This fire sign can light a spark of passion for bright ideas and creative inspiration. Since the New Moon is a time of new beginnings, this is when you can ask yourself:

  • What is rising from the depths of my soul?
  • Where have I been trying too hard and hitting a wall? How can I re-start with a fresh perspective?
  • What would I do with my life if there were no barriers to stop me?
  • How will I commit to pursuing my passion and awakening my gifts?

Full Moon in Aries

Full Moon in Aries occurs when the Sun moves into Libra, the zodiac sector opposite Aries. This happens six months after the New Moon in Aries and takes place sometime between the end of September and the beginning of October. The earth is once again in balance and the northern hemisphere has shifted into the autumn season.

Remember the intentions that you set back at the New Moon in Aries? Now is when it comes to full fruition. The Aries energy supports action and enthusiasm, so if your focus has waned from the original goal you will feel a new spark of excitement about it.

Conversely, you may find that those intentions or goals are no longer resonating with you and that’s okay. You are at a turning point. During the Full Moon, we can release all those things that no longer serve us. Sometimes you just need to let it go.

Of course, with Aries energy that can also mean anger or aggression about the topic. Regardless, a Full Moon in Aries will bring things back into focus and force you to make a move – now or never! Use these journaling prompts to help align you with your life’s mission:

  • Do my efforts since the spring justify putting any more energy into this?
  • Am I just being reactionary with events in my life right now, or is there a point to my anger?
  • What will become possible if I simply let go of the past?
  • What activities leave me feeling full of life and ready to take on the world?

Aries Magic

Aries is a Cardinal Fire sign that supports action and enthusiasm. Focus your intentions on things that require authority, leadership or spiritual rebirth.

This is a good time to balance your personal needs and the needs of people closest to you.

Healing rituals for areas of the face, head, or brain are also done at this time. Remember to stay hydrated as dehydration is the leading cause of headaches.

Wellness mantras are:

  • I have the strength to battle any challenge.
  • I am dynamic.
  • I choose to trust my intuition.