Beltane, Essential Oils

Beltane Solitary Ritual

Beltane is the May Day celebration occurring at the midpoint between Spring Equinox and Summer Solstice. The Wheel has turned and we are at the high point of Spring fertility here in the Northern Hemisphere. While most Beltane celebrations emphasize group activities (or heteronormative fertility rites) there are many of us who prefer to work alone. This ritual is for you.

What is Beltane?

Beltane is the last of the three spring fertility festivals (preceded by Imbolc and Ostaraand is regarded as one of the most important Sabbats of the year. Landing midway between the spring equinox and midsummer solstice it traditionally marks the arrival of summer in the Northern Hemisphere. The veil between worlds is thin again, as Beltane heralds the beginning of the Celtic summer season.

Traditional celebrations around May Day involve many fertility symbols, like the maypole or the Beltane fires. The energy of this time isn’t only about physical fertility, but rather how we might sow seeds for many other kinds of things: creative projects, more positive relationships, finding ways of expressing ourselves, and more. Now is when the flowers fully bloom, nectar flows, and green has returned to our lands.

Beltane Ritual Oil Blend

  • Sprayer Bottle
  • Distilled Water
  • triple blend of essential oils:
    • 1 drop Geranium (for love & protection)
    • 3 drops Bergamot (for abundance & success)
    • 3 drops Patchouli (for grounding & manifesting)

Mix these together in your spray bottle. Depending on the size of your sprayer you can double or triple the drops needed but I find 2oz. glass spray bottles are perfect for this recipe. When using essential oils in your Beltane ritual, be sure to dilute them properly and use them safely. Instead of a sprayer bottle, you can also diffuse them in an oil diffuser, use them in a ritual bath, or mix them with a carrier oil for a massage or anointing. Remember to always use high-quality, pure essential oils and to check for any allergies or sensitivities before use.

Beltane Solitary Ritual

Find a dedicated space that will not be disturbed but is easily accessible to for your Beltane altar. This can be a bookshelf, windowsill, desk space or even a portable altar contained within a wooden box. Cleanse the surface with a natural cleaner to ensure a fresh surface. Assemble your altar space utilizing symbols associated with Beltane. These can be any items that resonate with your soul and reflect the spirit of the season.

Your altar space can be used as a focal point for meditation, energy work, tarot readings, journaling or simply to sit quietly and reflect. It is important to shift your focus to the present moment and get grounded and centered, particularly if you will be casting a protective circle and invoking the elements during your ritual. Take a moment to honor the Divine, in whatever form you believe in. You can do this by reciting a prayer, reading a poem, or simply giving thanks.

For the focus of this solitary ritual, we are going to journal our intentions for the season. Take a moment to reflect on your life in this present moment and ask yourself the following questions (be sure to write down your responses in your magic journal):

  • What are you ready to release this season?
  • What wisdom can you share with others?
  • How can you welcome more love and compassion into your life?
  • What does stability mean to you and how can you achieve that state?
  • What have you left behind to bring you to this moment?

When you have finished setting your intentions take time to make an offering to the Divine, such as a flower or a piece of fruit. You can also offer something symbolic of your intentions. When you are ready to end your ritual, thank the elements and the Divine for being present with you. You can close the circle by visualizing the circle of light dissipating or by using whatever method you prefer. Take a few deep breaths to come back into the moment and remember to ground yourself with “cakes and ale” or by spending some time in nature.