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Color Magic Correspondence

Every color has a symbolism that resonates with us. In many magical traditions, color magic correspondence is used to enhance the desired results of different magical workings. There are many ways to incorporate colors – papers, inks, candles, ribbons, cords, or fabric is just a few examples.

Just like everything else where magic is concerned, your personal preference is going to hold the most meaning and power. Depending upon the culture you grew up in, some of the associations on this list may not have the same correspondence for you. Use it as a guide only, take what works for you and leave the rest.

Color Correspondences

  • RED: Passion, Fertility, Enthusiasm, Conquering Fear, Bravery, Fast Action
  • MAGENTA: Immediate Action, Enhances other Colors, Adds Speed to Magic
  • PINK: romance, Friendship, Honor, Harmony, Heart Connections, Family
  • PEACH: Simple Joy, Strength, Peace, Truth
  • ORANGE: Adaptability, Success, Encouragement, Uplifting, Thoughtful
  • YELLOW: Success, Intelligence, Will, Intent
  • GREEN: Prosperity, Fast Money, Healing Past Lives
  • BLUE: Spiritual and Physical Healing, Wisdom, Balance, Trust, Tranquility
  • PURPLE: Intuition, The Divine, Guidance, Power, Ambition, Prophetic Dreams
  • BLACK: Banishing, Hex Breaking, Ending Bad Habits
  • WHITE: Spirituality, Cancel Magical Aims, Purity, Serenity, All-Purpose
  • BROWN: Stability, material Wealth, Decision Making, Emotional Balance
  • GRAY: Neutrality, Shielding, Self-Defense, Neutralizes Harmful Energies
  • GOLD: The God, Fast Luck, Success, Intelligence, Solar Influence
  • SILVER: The Goddess, Resolve Inner Conflict, Persistence, Lunar Influence

Blessed be!


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