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How to Use Crystals in Your Magic

Crystals and mineral stones are a natural way to give your magical intentions a boost. They have been revered for millennia as conduits of energy and are believed to resonate with harmonic frequencies, sending out natural vibrations into the world. Crystals have been used for healing, divination, wisdom, adornment, art, and trade since ancient times. Today they are used in advanced technologies as well, from cell phones to satellites.

Based on the understanding that everything in the Universe resonates with vibratory energy – physical matter, light, sound – crystals are a database of Mother Nature’s frequencies. Formed over millions of years, they are the most orderly structure that exists in nature, emitting specific vibratory frequencies that help bring about energetic changes when interacting with our own vibrations.


You do not need to spend a fortune to start working with crystals. Remember that rough, unpolished crystals resonate with the same energy that the fancy cut and polished ones have. You can also look to your natural surroundings for stones, pebbles, shells or minerals that call to you. The beach, rivers, desert and forests all have treasures waiting to be discovered.

Trust your intuition when finding a crystal or stone that resonates with you. It doesn’t matter that the books tell us Rose Quartz is the crystal for love if there is an extra special piece of Red Jasper that calls out to your heart’s center. Go with your gut. If you don’t have a local shop near you, I recommend Tamed Wild for a beautiful selection of affordable stones. 


Once your crystal comes home with you, it will need to be cleansed. As you begin to work with your stones you will also need to cleanse them after each spell or ritual. Also, if they get left on a shelf somewhere for a long time, give them a good cleansing before starting to work with them again.

Be sure to check if your crystal or stone is soft or porous, contains trace metals, or is prone to fading in the sunlight. Choose a cleansing method that is right for your stone. A good rule of thumb: many crystals that end in -ite, selenite, malachite, flourite, etc., are not water-friendly

Some of the more common methods include:

  • Earthing – bury your crystal in the earth for a few hours to ground the negative energy. This can be done in a flower pot if needed. Just be aware of any moisture that may be present.
  • Moonlight – leave your crystal in the moonlight (either outside or on a windowsill) until you feel it is cleansed. Best performed under the light of a Full Moon, but you can also align it with the moon phase that supports your magical intentions.
  • Power Crystals – some crystals are so powerful that they can be used to actually cleanse other stones. Selenite, quartz, carnelian, amethyst, and kyanite are among them. Keep your crystals or stones on a slab of selenite so they are always ready for you to use.
  • Sound – Bells, a tuning fork, drums, a singing bowl, chimes, or any kind of musical instrument can be played near your crystal to help cleanse the energy within. Chanting a prayer or mantra also works.
  • Smudging – this can be done with smoke from Palo Santo, Sage, herbs or incense. Use a fireproof shell or dish when you do it and either move the crystals through the smoke as it rises or use a feather or your hand to direct the smoke towards your crystal.
  • Sunlight – leave your crystal in the sunlight for a brief time to cleanse and recharge it. Although the Sun is a powerful cleanser, be mindful if your crystal is UV sensitive, and if it is a clear Quartz, pay attention that it does not magnify the sun’s rays and ignite combustible materials such as paper or wood.
  • Water – hard crystals or polished stones can be placed in running water or dipped in a bowl then patted dry. This works in the rain, too, and if you have access to running streams, rivers, or a lake, even better!
  • Visualization – if you are experienced with this technique, use visualization to cleanse your crystal or stone of any negative energies it may have picked up. Flood it with the purifying energy of white light.


When you are ready to use your crystals in everyday magic, it is most helpful to charge them with the specific intentions you are wanting to manifest.

  • Determine your intention and visualize how it will look once it is complete
  • Choose the crystal that will help assist you with this.
  • Pick up your crystal, hold it to your heart and take three deep breaths with eyes closed.
  • Now lift it to your Third Eye Chakra and with clear intent, visualize the task projected into the crystal. State your purpose out loud.
  • Give thanks and begin to use your crystal, either by carrying it with you, setting it within a crystal grid, keeping it on your altar, etc.


A grid is simply an intentional, geometric arrangement of crystals and stones that help to focus and align their energy with your intentions. These patterns can range from simple to complex and can be mixed with other natural elements such as flowers, herbs, shells, etc.

Sacred geometry is used as the foundation for crystal grids because of the fundamental relationship between them – crystals are the three-dimensional representation of sacred geometric energy patterns. Crystals act as a conduit for the nature of reality itself. Working in flow with this energy and placing it on a grid will enhance your magic intention.

A great source of information for more crystal magic is Lisa Chamberlain’s book “Wicca Crystal Magic: A Beginner’s Guide to Practice Crystal Magic, with Simple Crystal Spells”

Whether you are just starting out or have years of experience with crystals, there is always something new to learn. More than anything, listen to what the stones are saying by meditating with them and going deep within. The wisdom is already in you.