Ideas to Develop a Kick-Ass Self Care Plan

Ideas to Develop a Kick-Ass Self Care Plan

You must care for yourself first before you can go out into the world and care for others.

In it’s most simple form, you deserve to eat healthy foods, exercise your body regularly, reduce your stressful triggers, manage your own time wisely, learn relaxation techniques, engage in mindfulness, avoid “compassion fatigue”, and practice assertiveness.  That’s all easy to say but really, much, much harder to put into practice.

Jump start the process and use the following ideas to brainstorm your own self-care plan:

INFOGRAPHIC Ideas To Develop A Kick-Ass Self Care Plan

Share some of your favorite self-care routines in the comments below. And when you are ready, join us for the 30 Day Self-Care Challenge!


30 Day Self-Care Challenge

30 day self care challenge

Ready to make a change in your life? Take the 30 Day Self-Care Challenge to start your transformation and receive the support you need.

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