Everyday Magic, Imbolc, Wheel of the Year

Imbolc Magic

Imbolc marks the mid-point between the darkest night of Winter at Yule and the point of the perfect balance of night and day during Spring Equinox (Ostara). The life-force of the earth is awakening and stirring with the promise of renewal and rebirth.

Now is the time to let go of the past, clear out the old and make space both physically and spiritually for new beginnings. Imbolc is traditionally the festival of honoring Brigid, a beloved Goddess of Fire, the Sun and the Hearth. She presides over healing, poetry, and smithcraft. At Imbolc, she is in her Maiden aspect of the Triple Goddess where she brings fertility to all.

Take advantage of the energy of this time to look within and connect with your innermost self. The seed of potential is waiting for you to shine a light upon it and in order to do so, you may have to do some shadow work. Heal yourself, bless your home and set the stage for the miraculous growth that awaits.

Imbolc Magic

  1. A Brigid’s Cross is a symbol of protection magic. It is an ancient symbol for Brigid (also known as a Solar Cross or Celtic Sun Wheel) that is traditionally woven from rushes or reeds. We obtain or make these as an Imbolc rite to invite and welcome the Goddess, and Spring, into our homes. When hung over a doorway they offer powerful protection to guard against negativity and disaster. (Be sure to burn the previous years cross and return the ashes to the Earth). Other forms of protection magic are also appropriate at this time.
  2. Spring Cleaning is a form of purification magic! Imbolc is when we perform our House Blessings and in order to do this properly, we need to address both our physical and spiritual house. Remember that your home is the extension of your body and spirit. Start with a thorough cleaning, from outside-in and top-to-bottom. Then purify your space by smudging with sage, palo santo or an aromatherapy blend. Set a circle of protection around your home with salt and be sure to say a blessing inside the house.
  3. Empower your life force and replenish your vital energy with healing magic. This can be done with a simple candle spell using a White candle. Begin by holding it in your hands and meditate on the vision of yourself renewed, healthy, and full of vitality. When you light the candle say a simple prayer devoting it to Brigid, that she may light your way and look after you so your life and spirit shines as brightly as the flame.
  4. Imbolc divination includes traditional customs of watching for omens and weather divination. Considering the time of year it only makes sense that our ancestors would seek guidance as to how long the grip of winter would hold. The echo of this tradition is found in America’s “Groundhog Day”. To connect with your magic, learn some of the traditional weather signs of your region and then go out into nature to listen to what the birds and trees are saying. Journal your insights. You can also cast runes or consult your Tarot cards for a look into the future.
  5. As the darkness fades it is a powerful time to go within for some shadow work and release what no longer serves you. A releasing spell, or cord-cutting ritual, will help your subconscious mind let go of negative people, feelings or patterns of behavior in order to grow and become more positive.

Remember the real magic lies within you. It doesn’t take fancy tools or special words to tap into your power. Recognize your connection to the energy of the Earth, align yourself with the natural rhythms of the Wheel of the Year and be present in the moment. YOU ARE MAGICAL.