Essential Oils, Lammas, Wheel of the Year

Lammas Gratitude Ritual

With Lammas falling at the beginning of August it is a wonderful time to perform a gratitude ritual. We are celebrating the first of the fall harvests (followed by Mabon, then Samhain) and it is time to give thanks for the abundance in our life. Be sure to check >>HERE<< for the exact time of the Sun’s transition at 15° Leo.

What is Lammas?

Simply put, Lammas, or Lughnasadh, is a cross-quarter festival celebrating the grain harvest. While modern pagans use the terms Lammas and Lughnasadh interchangeably, it is worth noting that Lammas has Medieval origins and relates to the sowing and harvesting cycles of the English speaking countries of Europe whereas Lughnasadh is a seasonal feast day of pre-Christian Celtic people.

This is the point in the wheel of the year where the energy supports the fruition of growth and working towards completion, both physically and metaphysically. It marks the time between the Summer Solstice and Autumn Equinox, the liminal season between the end of summer and early fall. The seasonal focus is on celebration, as the earth is ripe with abundance in the Northern Hemisphere. (Our friends in the South celebrate Imbolc at this time of year)

Lammas Ritual Blend

  • Blend of essential oils:
    • 2 drops Frankincense (for protection & spirituality)
    • 3 drops Lavender (for love, peace & happiness)
    • 2 drops Sandalwood (for meditations & divination)

Mix these together in a spray bottle if you would like to use it to cleanse your ritual space. Depending on the size of your sprayer you can double or triple the drops needed but I find 2oz. glass spray bottles are perfect for this recipe. Alternatively, you can use a carrier oil and double or triple the drops to make a rollerball blend.

Lammas Gratitude Ritual

Prepare your ritual space. Since we are celebrating the harvest, it is best if you can perform the ritual outdoors. Decorate your altar (this can be as simple as a wooden tray) with the symbols and colors of Lammas: a Corn Dolly or stalks of wheat, cornucopia, or basket filled with seasonal foods, sunflowers, an offering of bread (homemade is best, but store-bought works too) and mead, ale or some apple cider. Your candle should be in a shade of late summer (yellows, browns, bronze).

If you traditionally cast a circle, now is the time, otherwise, begin by lighting your candle and saying:

The Wheel has turned and the Harvest begins;

From the fertile fields comes the gifts of the earth.

Nature’s bounty blesses us with food on our table and gives us reason to be grateful.

(Your Deity), I offer you this gift of the first harvest and ask for your blessing of abundance and plenty.

Pick up your offering and hold it in your hands. Close your eyes and meditate on the past months. Reflect on the actions you have taken to reach your goals and intentions set at the beginning of Spring. Have you blossomed and thrived or have you been in survival mode? Be honest with yourself. It’s okay if you need to let go of those goals that were not able to thrive in order to make room for new growth.

Take a deep breath and turn your mind’s eye to the future now. In this liminal space between the end of summer and the beginning of autumn envision what you like to accomplish in the remaining year. Think about the inner growth you want to achieve and the steps it will take to get there.

When you are ready, open your eyes and focus on your offering. Tear off a small portion to leave in thanks and enjoy a simple feast. If you are indoors be sure to take your offering outside at the end of your ritual.