Moon Magic

Leo Moon Phase Journal Prompts

The Moon transits through Leo when the lunar sky path crosses through the fifth sector of the zodiac, which is located in the constellation of Leo, between <120° – 150°. Moon in Leo moves us forward to lead the way in creating the life of our dreams.

Now is the time for creative pursuits, activities with children, generous projects, ventures in which personal recognition is desired, and risk-taking.

Moon journaling each month during the new and full moon help connect you with these lunar energies. Use these Leo moon phase journal prompts to reflect on your emotions and what state they are in.

New Moon in Leo

The New Moon in Leo only occurs when the sun sign is also in Leo, during the end of July and the beginning of August. This period coincides with the Lammas festival on the Wheel of the Year when we gather with loved ones to celebrate the first harvest of the season.

Leo is ruled by the Sun and it is a vital, loving, strong and generous energy. Now is when we let our inner child experience the joy of life, celebrate our uniqueness and embrace being the center of attention.

The fiery sign of Leo is all about confidence and being proud of who we are. This passionate energy encourages us to embrace life in all of its glory, be brave in our actions of love and kindness, and assist us in taking big risks. Journal prompts for this moon phase include:

  • What is holding me back from celebrating who I am and realizing my full potential?
  • How can I open myself to an abundant flow of joy, playful expression and willpower?
  • Am I exercising my free will to realize a life of joy, vitality and creative manifestation?
  • What opportunity awaits me to reach the next level of professional (or spiritual) growth?

Full Moon in Leo

Full Moon in Leo occurs when the Sun moves into Aquarius the zodiac sector opposite to Leo. This takes place sometime at the end of January and at the beginning of February right around the time of Imbolc. It is the perfect time to declutter and clear space in order to attract abundance in your life.

This full moon transit reminds you that it is okay to feel what is in your heart and bring it out fully into the world. What was the intention you set six months ago? Has it come to fruition?

The energy of this full moon is showy, enthusiastic and sociable. It shines a light on what is coming to fruition and gives us the courage to embrace these changes.

Leo allows us to be bold and step into the spotlight. A Full Moon in Leo is a wonderful time to pamper yourself with a gift or treat, book a salon treatment or get a new ‘do, and be sure to make time for romance! Use the following journal prompts for this full moon phase:

  • How can I use this time to explore my creativity?
  • What message needs to be expressed from my heart and soul?
  • How can I incorporate more time to play and just have fun in my life?
  • Where do I need to take a powerful stand?

Leo Magic

Leo is a Fixed FIre sign that highlights joyful and cheerful pursuits, generosity of spirit, and recognition of our efforts. Focus your intentions on activities that require creative thinking and an artistic touch.

This is a good time for childlike play, generous undertakings, and activities in which personal recognition is desired. Be aware of becoming too prideful or stubborn at this time.

Healing rituals for areas of the heart, back and spinal cord are also done during this time.

Witch Hearth Creations on Etsy has a lovely Leo Empowerment Ritual available if you are looking for a simple and effective kit.

Wellness Mantras

  • I am a beautiful and miraculous person in all ways.
  • I am affectionate and graciously receive affection from all.
  • I receive Earth’s abundance and generously give to all.