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Lughnasadh Magic

Lughnasadh marks the mid-point between the Summer Solstice (Litha) and Autumn Equinox (Mabon). We have reached the first of the three fall harvest festivals, also called Lammas or the grain harvest, when we celebrate all of the blessings of the season. As the Wheel turns we recognize the sacrifices that must occur in order for Nature to survive.

Now is the time to give thanks for the abundance of the past growing season and look forward to the remaining weeks of summer warmth as we continue to reap the harvest of our labors. Lughnasadh is traditionally the festival of honoring Lugh, a beloved Celtic Sun King and God of Light. He presides over all creative skills and talents such as building, smithcraft, poetry, and magic. Legend has it that Lughnasadh was a celebration to honor Lugh’s foster mother Tailtiu, who died from exhaustion after clearing the lands of Ireland for planting. It is a poignant reminder of the sacrifice that is necessary in order for us to continue to thrive and grow.

Take advantage of the energy of this time to connect with your own creativity and get in touch with the wisdom of the natural world around you. It is a magical time to express gratitude to the Gods and the Earth Spirits for their gifts we are receiving.

Lughnasadh Magic

  1. A Grain Mother or Corn Dolly is an ancient custom that stemmed from the belief the grain crops were home to a spirit. When the last sheaf of corn was cut it would be fashioned into a “dolly” to rehome this spirit and then kept until spring to be planted and reborn with the next year’s crop. It is a symbol of prosperity magic and brings health, wealth, and general prosperity. Learn how to create your own corn dolly at the Good Witch Homestead blog.
  2. Lughnasadh is a time of seasonal liminal space. Crops are still abundant and growing, yet the first harvests have begun so we find ourselves energetically at an “in-between” space. The boundless enthusiasm and endless possibility of summer are beginning to fade so now is the time to sharpen your focus on one or two areas of your life that need to be brought to completion. The Traveling Witch has 4 Spells to Boost Your Focus and Productivity that are easy and effective.
  3. Perform a “Blessing of the Tools”. Lugh is the God of skills and craftsmanship so what better to time to honor your own craft and perform a ritual blessing of your “tools of the trade”. For me, that includes my art supplies and the computer I do all of my work at. It could be your gardening tools, or woodworking, or office/school supplies – you get the idea. At some point on Lughnasadh gather up your tools and smudge them with your preferred method of cleansing. Next, call upon the appropriate deity or deities and hold your hands over the tools and say a blessing such as: “I call to you, Great (God/dess) to bless these tools so that my hands may work skillfully while my mind remains clever. Bless these tools so that I may be productive and prosperous. Lend me guidance so I may achieve success. I give honor and thanks to you. So Mote It Be”
  4. Protection magic can be performed at Lughnasadh to reinforce the magic that was done at Imbolc. Make a batch of Black Salt to sprinkle around your property line. This can be done by using 2 parts sea salt and 1 part activated charcoal (you could also use scrapings from a cast-iron skillet or fine ash from your fire pit). In addition to sprinkling it around the perimeter of your property, you can dress a black candle in oil, roll it in the black salt, then use it in spellwork to banish negative people or energy.
  5. Bake a loaf of Magical Blessing Bread. The grain harvest is the perfect time of year to infuse your baking with that extra magical energy and imbue it with the blessings you desire for yourself and your loved ones. Try this recipe over at Delishably and bake up a loaf for your Lughnasadh altar this year.

Remember the real magic is you. It doesn’t take special ingredients or fancy language to tap into your power. Deepen your connection with the energy of the Earth, align yourself with the natural rhythms of the Wheel of the Year, and be here now. YOU ARE MAGICAL.

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