Magical Journaling, Moon Magic, Sacred Self Care

Moon Journaling for Sacred Self-Care


Moon journaling is an easy and effective way to deepen your sacred self-care routine. One of the first things I learned as a young teenager on my spiritual journey was how to align myself with the magic of the moon. Intentional alignment means becoming aware of the phases of the moon and how that energy is ebbing and flowing into your daily life. Regardless of whether you consciously acknowledge it or not, the moon exerts an influence on us.

Keeping a moon journal is a way to forge a connection to the lunar cycle and begin to track patterns in your mental, physical, and spiritual phases. The way you are in tune with the moon is deeply personal and reflective of your own experiences. Moon journaling is a simple and powerful form of everyday magic.

Lunar Tracking

The simplest way to reconnect is to begin tracking the phases of the moon. You’ll need a moon phase calendar relative to your geographic location in the world. AstroSeek is my online resource but Cafe Astrology is good, too. You can also download a free, do-it-yourself Moon Phases Calendar and Calculator from NASA.

I made a lunar calendar printable to mark the passing of the moon’s phases.  The idea is to fill in each phase as it occurs and align with the moon’s cycle. As often as possible, step outside under the night sky and take a look up. Can you feel the pull of the moon? It will begin to resonate with you as each week passes.

Use the notes section to record things like your menstrual cycle, or energy levels each month.


Full Moon Calendar

This is simply a visual representation of the year’s full moons. The full moon holds so much power and wisdom. Ancient cultures all over the world have given names to the full moon based on the cycle of the seasons. These monthly names are deeply personal depending on your background, so use this calendar to record the full moon name that resonates with you.

Moon Ritual

This is a where I can keep a record of each full and new moon ritual by printing it out as needed and filling it in. You may choose to create two simple ritual blueprints to use each month or create new rituals based on your needs. There is a guide included with the Moon Journal that covers the essence of each moon phase. This is a good starting point as you become aligned with the lunar cycle.

In astrological terms, New Moons are a beginning, a time to plant the seeds of a goal or idea that will be harvested during the Full Moon phase six months later. A New Moon always occurs in the same sign as the Sun and the Full Moon occurs in that sign 6 months later. So for example, the New Moon in Aries will always take place from late March/mid-April and the Full Moon in Aries occurs half a year later at the end of September/early October. This is when the Sun moves into Libra, the zodiac sector opposite to Aries.

You can find out more about the astrological correspondences to moon phases over >>HERE<<.


Moon Journal

And finally, we come to the moon journal page. Print out the page as often as needed. Try journaling at least once a week. This ensures that you touch upon each phase of the moon: New, Waxing, Full, and Waning. If you want to start slower, you can journal twice a month during the full and new moon.

Need some prompts for your moon journal? Here are ones that I have used to record what is on my mind and in my heart:

  1. New Moon: Where am I stuck? What is a new way to look at this? What would I like to manifest in my life right now?
  2. Waxing Crescent: How are my intentions being blocked? What message is being sent?
  3. First Quarter: How have I been taking action towards my goals? Is this action aligned with my intentions? Why or why not? How can I improve upon this?
  4. Waxing Gibbous: What has been working well? What has not? What improvements can be made?
  5. Full Moon: How has my intention setting flowed? Is it time to move forward or let go? Are there new or modified commitments I can make? What support do I need to make things happen?
  6. Waning Gibbous: The Universe fully supports me. Make a list of gratitudes, possessions, love, relationships, lessons, future plans, mistakes…What is the lesson I am most thankful for?
  7. Third Quarter: What habits are stopping me from reaching my goals? Write them down one by one and release them. Record how this feels.
  8. Waning Crescent: How can I improve my self-care? What do I need to do for myself?

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