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Prosperity Magic Correspondences

Prosperity magic is more than just financial prosperity. It is a complete mindset that includes those activities that bring us happiness and joy in our everyday life. Meaningful hobbies, raising a family, helping your community, as well as financial security, are what makes us truly prosperous.

With all things magic, it is the actions and intention that help you attract the desired result. Be sure to take practical steps (such as saving money and shifting out of a poverty mindset) in addition to including these correspondences. Most of these items can be found around the home and there are many ways to incorporate them into everyday magic:

  • Use a small bag (that will fit in your pocket or purse) and fill it with coins or a rolled dollar bill. Add some herbs and a small stone such as citrine or pyrite to the mix. Carry it with you as a touchstone to ground you to your prosperous mindset.
  • Make an aromatherapy blend (such as patchouli, orange and clary sage) and diffuse it in the feng shui wealth corner of your home.
  • Pay it forward. Prosperity comes from generosity and abundance. What you give out to the Universe really does return to you threefold. A fun way to pay it forward is to take five, crisp, one-dollar bills and leave them where others can find them: taped to a gas pump or on a public bench, placed under a windshield wiper, or tucked into a coin return for a vending machine. Trust that the abundance will return to you.

Prosperity Correspondences

  • Colors: Green, Gold, Brown
  • Crystals & Stones: Citrine, Green Aventurine, Jade, Pyrite
  • Herbs & Oils: Allspice, Angelica, Bayberry, Basil, Bay Leaves, Bergamot, Cedar, Chamomile, Cinnamon, Clary Sage, Honeysuckle, Irish Moss, Jasmine, Melissa, Mint, Nutmeg, Orange, Patchouli, Strawberry Leaves, Tonka Beans
  • Symbols: Coins, Dollar Signs, Gold, Pentacle, Purse, Silver, Stars, Wallet
  • Timing: Thursday, Full Moon

Like all things magical, your personal preference and symbols will hold the most meaning to you. I’ve always carried a two-dollar bill that my father gave to me because he told me it would ensure I never went without. So use these correspondences as a guide only, taking what works for you and leaving the rest.

Blessed be!