Sacred Self Care

Sacred Self-Care in the Spring

Spring is the season of fresh starts and new beginnings when the weather is warming and the days grow longer. Many of us have been waiting a long time to throw off the darkness of winter while others may feel pushed into expansive energy that we are not quite ready for. No matter which end of the spectrum you fall on, sacred self-care should be at the core of your daily routine.

What is seasonal self-care?

Seasonal self-care is simply the practice of aligning your energy to the ebb and flow of the solar cycle and its seasonal effects. During the spring months, the earth is fit to burst with new life. Her life force is pouring forth with renewed growth and the longer days encourage us to spend more time outdoors.

This seasonal energy pulls at us and we feel the cycle of rebirth and renewal. Find ways to respect, embrace and use this energy for a fresh start. By aligning with the seasonal cycles we are tapping deep into the wisdom of living in harmony with Mother Earth. This is the time for starting something new or even circling back to something you have been putting off for a while.

Self-Care Inspiration for Spring

  • Watch the morning sunrise. This is such a beautiful time of the day and if you have the chance to make this part of your routine I encourage you to embrace the time. Listen to the birds sing as the sun comes up over the horizon. *This* is springtime!
  • Drink herbal tea! This is the perfect time to replace one of your cups of coffee with a light and refreshing herbal tea. Or, instead of another glass of water, try a new iced tea flavor for fun.
  • Enjoy a full-body scrub and really shake off the winter doldrums. There are some amazing DIY recipes that you can find to mix the perfect sugar scrub (most use a combination of essential oils, coconut oil, vitamin E, and sugar).
  • Create a vision or mood board. Spring gives us the kick in the pants we need to bring our dreams to life. So get old school with it and craft your vision with the images and colors that embody the path you want to take. There is power in bringing your vision to life and it will motivate you to stick to your goals.
  • Diffuse essential oils and elevate your mood. This is one of my go-to routines at home and I have different blends to use for each part of the day. From lifting our spirits in the morning to soothing our soul at night, there is a scent to fit every mood.
  • Plant a garden. Just do it. Even if you only have room for mason jars on the windowsill – pop some herbs in there and help it grow. There is something so satisfying about nurturing small seedlings into life and watching them grow. In our uncertain times, now, more than ever, we need to reexamine the idea of a victory garden and the self-reliance that comes from growing our own food.
  • Spring clean your space and fill your home with houseplants. The health benefits of keeping houseplants are amazing – from reducing allergens and purifying the air, to lifting our moods and aiding in our sleep (yes, that extra oxygen they give off at night makes a difference!) there is no time like the present to gift yourself with new greenery.
  • Take a walk or hike in Nature. This is the season where trees are covered in new growth, grasses are shooting up everywhere, bulbs are impressing us with their yearly bloom and life is pulsating under the surface. Get into the habit of walking outside and be mindful of the moment. When thoughts enter your mind, let them pass by. Deep breaths and wide-eyed gratitude make nature walks healing for the mind, body, and soul.
  • Eat fresh, seasonal fruits and vegetables. Ditch the heavy root veggies and squashes of winter and cook up some lighter, fresh meals. I make good use of weekly produce deliveries (either your local co-op or a service like Imperfect Foods are great!) and create new dishes based on what’s been picked each week.
  • Get out at night and go stargazing. It is both humbling and awe-inspiring to see the night sky and contemplate the vastness of this Universe. We are all connected.

What are some of your favorite ways to practice sacred self-care now? I’d love to hear from you in the comments!

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