Essential Oils, Samhain

Samhain Divination Ritual

With Samhain falling around the first week of November it is the ideal time to perform a simple divination ritual. The veil is thin, spirits are here, and the answers are waiting. Also called the Witches New Year, this is a time when the call to Ancestral wisdom is tied into the watery element of Scorpio. Scorpios’ magic gives us the power of transformation and invites the exploration of the depths of our soul.

Be sure to check >>HERE<< for the exact time of the Sun’s transition at 15° Scorpio (approximately November 7th). The veil between worlds is thinnest now and our ability to access magic and connect with those who have passed reaches its peak.

What is Samhain?

Samhain is a major festival celebrating the last of the harvest season. The secular calendar marks this time with traditional Halloween or Day of the Dead events. The seasonal focus is on composting or returning all that has served us well back underground in order to rest and nurture the new beginnings soon to come.

This is the point in the wheel of the year where energy supports ridding ourselves of things that are no longer needed or no longer serve us. Remember that failure to clear out the old will prevent new growth from coming forth. We do not turn our face from the darkness for without it the light would not shine as bright.

Samhain Ritual Essential Oil Blend

Combine the following blend of essential oils:

  • 3 drops of Sage (for ritual consecration)
  • 2 drops of Sandalwood (for nurturing & spirituality)
  • 1 drop of Rosemary (for purification & mental clarity)

This blend can be used in many ways:

  • Diffuse in an aromatherapy mister
  • Mix with distilled water in a 2 oz. spray bottle
  • Blend with a carrier oil (such as jojoba) in a 10 ml glass roller bottle

Samhain Divination Ritual

Traditional divination rituals for this night include scrying (crystal balls, fire or a mirror all work), tarot cards and runes, or even throwing bones. One of the easiest and most readily available forms of divination is the pendulum.

Many beautiful pendulums are available on Etsy, but you can also make your own quite easily using just a few basic supplies: a crystal or stone, jeweler’s wire or string, and a lightweight chain about 10 – 14″ long. Simply wrap your crystal or stone in a length of wire (making sure to leave a loop at the top) and attach one end of the chain to the loop. Be sure to charge your pendulum by placing it outside in the moonlight overnight.

You can calibrate your pendulum by practicing with simple Yes/No questions you already know the answer to: “Do I live in California?” or “Is my car blue?”. Keep your eye on the pendulum and note which direction it starts moving (side to side, back to front, or some other direction). This will be your “Yes” direction. Now repeat the process, this time for a “No” direction. Make sure you practice this a few times in order to calibrate your pendulum before asking the question you are seeking an answer to.

Divination rituals are simply a series of actions performed in a set order. All of us establish our own rituals for magic. It doesn’t have to be elaborate. For most of us, it starts with cleansing our space and our bodies prior to beginning. Make sure you will not be disturbed while you are practicing your ritual (so turn off the phone and let others know you need privacy) then ground and center prior to asking your question. To use the pendulum, place your elbow on a flat, solid surface so that it suspends from your hand without any influence on the swinging motion. Take a deep breath, get grounded, and keep your arm still. Wait until the pendulum is motionless before beginning.

In addition to just asking a yes or no question, there are several other ways to divine an answer from your pendulum. Using a pendulum board or a chart can help spell out a deeper message. I love the boards from Black Ridge Co. but you can also create your own or use a Ouija board. For a more complex question, I like to combine my pendulum with my favorite Tarot deck. Layout a group of cards and use the pendulum to help guide you to the right answer(s).

Pendulums are also used to help locate places on a map or magical sites. For remote locater spells, hold your pendulum over a map and if you are outdoors, carry your pendulum with you to detect ley lines or areas of potent magical energy. If there is a location that sets your pendulum swinging it could be a great place to meditate or hold a ritual during the next moon phase.

What are some of the ways you like to practice divination this time of year? Drop a comment below, we’d love to hear from you!