Moon Magic

Scorpio Moon Phase Journal Prompts

The Moon transits through Scorpio when the lunar sky path crosses the eighth sector of the Zodiac, which is located in the constellation of Scorpio, between <210°-240°. Moon in Scorpio is a time for increased sharpness of the mind. It brings about active subconsciousness and strong intuition to increase the understanding of unexplainable and mysterious subjects.

Be aware that Scorpio energy can cause people to lose their tact and become more critical. Steer clear of any people or conversations that could be a trigger for you. Scorpio energy cuts right to the heart of the matter so surround yourself with people you have an honest connection with.

Moon journaling each month during the new and full moon helps connect you with these lunar energies. Use these Scorpio moon phase journal prompts to help you during these times of transition.

New Moon in Scorpio

The New Moon in Scorpio only occurs when the sun sign is also in Scorpio, during the end of October into the beginning of November. This is when the full energy of the sign will be felt at its watery peak so be aware that strong emotions and feelings can push people to extremes in their behavior now.

Scorpio is ruled by the planet Pluto, the planet that governs both destruction and transformation. Pay attention. Occurring during the Samhain season on the Wheel of the Year, the new moon in Scorpio is filled with the energy of strong intuition, intense emotion and a connection to the other side. Empaths are particularly affected at this time.

Scorpio’s many qualities include searching for solutions at the root of a problem and piercing through the veil of any false illusions. This water sign has an incredible passion and power that can often get misunderstood. Just trust your intuition. Journal prompts for this moon phase include:

  • What is sacred to me at this season of my life?
  • How will I set solid goals to transform my ideas into reality?
  • Am I hiding my talents in the shadows?
  • How can I release the fear of stepping into the spotlight?

Full Moon in Scorpio

Full Moon in Scorpio occurs when the Sun moves into Taurus, the zodiac sector opposite Scorpio. This happens six months after the New Moon in Scorpio and takes place sometime between the end of April and the beginning of May. The Wheel is turning in Beltane, the spring festival of fertility, so sexual energy is at an all-time high around this full moon! This year the Pink Super Full Moon in Scorpio takes place on April 26/27, 2021.

Now is when you should see the results of the intentions you set back at the New Moon in Scorpio. The Scorpio energy of this Full Moon supports truth and transformation, so if your passion has waned from the original goal you will need to release those earlier expectations in order to move forward.

Scorpio allows us to shine a light on our shadow selves and reveal any hidden fears or actions of self-sabotage. A Full Moon in Scorpio is a powerful time for release and transformation. Use the following journal prompts for this full moon phase:

  • Am I avoiding any deep emotions because I am afraid to face my Shadow self?
  • If I wasn’t afraid of (….) then I would (…)
  • How can I release or let go of what is no longer serving me?
  • What has my intuition been telling me or guiding me towards?

Scorpio Magic

Scorpio is a Fixed Water sign that supports sexual energy and emotional focus. Focus your intentions on sexual matters, power, psychic growth, secrets, and fundamental transformation.

This is a good time to pay attention to your intuition and be aware of heightened emotional responses.

Healing rituals for areas of the reproductive organs are also done during this time.

Wellness Mantras are:

  • I release what no longer serves me
  • I glow with the energy of my true passionate self
  • I am fearless and powerful