The 30 Day Self-Care Challenge

30 Days to a more powerful YOU

"Something needs to change."

This is a comment I've been hearing from people who have entered their midlife transition - also, "I'm emotionally exhausted", "I'm stuck between my grown children and aging parents, there's no time for ME", "I can't remember who I used to be, somewhere along the way I got lost", "I love my life but still feel unhappy".

That's why I came up with the 30 Day Self-Care Challenge: an in-depth course of action to help bring you back into alignment with yourself.

Designed to help you grow into a regular practice of self-care, this challenge will help you get clear on what you will no longer stand for and reclaim time for the commitments that matter to you. With weekly support from me, you'll find simple, easy to incorporate ideas on how to improve your body, mind, and soul.

If you always give, give, give, and go, go, go....this class is a gift to yourself.

~ How to start the challenge ~

Sign up here and you'll receive a simple series of emails: 1 welcome, 4 weekly reminders, and 1 farewell letter to send you successfully on your way.

Each email is filled with ideas and more resources that will support you on your journey.

~ Time to reinvent yourself ~

You are ready for this journey of self-discovery. The 30 Day Self-Care Challenge is designed to leave you feeling invigorated, refreshed and renewed. Take your time to reinvent yourself and use the weekly emails as support and reference when you need them.

I'm so excited for you to start the journey with an open heart, open mind, and free spirit!



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