Moon Magic

Taurus Moon Phase Journal Prompts

The Moon transits through Taurus when the lunar sky path crosses the second sector of the Zodiac, which is located in the constellation of Taurus, between <30°-60°. Moon in Taurus is a good time to escape distractions and sink deeper into the things that ground you. It brings a sense of peace and calmness and a desire for security and stability.

Now is the time for enjoying the tranquility and comfort of home, good food, and intentional connections with loved ones. It is also a great time to make any aesthetic changes, work in the garden and get back to nature. Taurus is motivated by a desire for practical, useful results.

Moon journaling each month during the new and full moon helps connect you with these lunar energies. Use these Taurus moon phase journal prompts to help you during these times of transition.

New Moon in Taurus

The New Moon in Taurus only occurs when the Sun sign is also in Taurus, during the end of April into the beginning of May. Spring is in full bloom and love is in the air.

Taurus is ruled by the planet Venus and is focused on comfort, security, harmony, and beauty. Happening close to the festival of Beltane, fertility, and productivity are two of the themes of Taurus. The desire for new growth is strong and the Taurus New Moon helps us get rooted even deeper with our intentions set last month during the Aries New Moon.

The earthy energy of Taurus reminds us to strengthen our practice of grounding and centering. Celebrate spring and the Taurus New Moon by getting connected with the earth. Be present within your body and really notice what you are feeling, smelling, hearing. This is a good time to ask yourself:

  • What helps me feel grounded and centered?
  • What do I need to feel more stable and secure?
  • What am I willing to face and resolve so I can move forward?
  • What boundaries do I need to set in order to bloom more fully?

Full Moon in Taurus

Full Moon in Taurus occurs when the Sun moves into Scorpio, the zodiac sector opposite Taurus. This happens six months after the New Moon in Taurus and takes place sometime between the end of October and the beginning of November. The northern hemisphere is experiencing longer fall nights and shorter days.

Remember the issues you were willing to face and resolve six months ago? Now is when you should be feeling a sense of stability and calmness in that area of your life. Emotions are very palpable and real at this time, so if you still need support, ask for help from others.

The energy of this full moon is all about sensual experiences. Take time to explore the things that bring you pleasure. During the Full Moon, you can practice sublime self-care through fine food, artistic works, theatre excursions, good friends and social events

Taurus makes us feel grounded and encourages loyalty, kindness, and sensitivity. A Full Moon in Taurus will give you a boost in any creative pursuits – art, music, and writing will all flow. Use these journaling prompts to help harness this earthy energy:

  • Where do I need to slow down in my life and not be in such a rush?
  • Am I using all the resources available to me to help reach my goals?
  • What do I value most in myself?
  • How am I keeping in touch with my creative side?

Taurus Magic

Taurus is a Fixed Earth sign that supports sensible emotions and renewals. Focus your intentions on money matters, material acquisitions, real estate, and deep love.

This is a good time to practice self-love and nourish your physical body.

Healing rituals for areas of the throat, neck, and ears are also done at this time.

Wellness Mantras:

  • I will love myself fully so that I may fully love others.
  • I am on a path of natural wellness and health.
  • I choose to release what no longer supports or nourishes me.