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Timing Your Magic with the Moon

A friend of mine recently reached out asking me to explain some more about the energy of the Full Moon. She expressed an interest in diving a little deeper into the subject so I turned to my first Book of Shadows and found this information on timing your magic with the moon. The information was helpful to me then and my desire is that is will be helpful to you now.

New Moon // Dark Moon

New Moon begins the lunar cycle. At first, the Moon is not visible, since it rises at the same time as the Sun. This short period is the New Moon or Dark Moon. For banishing or negative works you would begin several hours prior to the actual New Moon. Positive works would be started several hours after the moon has begun to wax.

The hours before the New Moon are a powerful time for prophecy work. This is also when you can deal with neutralizing any negative forces, do shadow work and explore hidden resentments that are holding you back. Activities include meditation, journaling, or gentle exercise that has you focused on going inward and grounding. Your intuition will peak now.

The hours after the New Moon all about new beginnings. It is also auspicious for love and romance, health, and new job opportunities. Each new moon is when we set our intentions – even if you haven’t completed them from last month, you can add to it or start something else that you need to manifest. Now is the time to ask yourself “What do I want to see grow?”

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Waxing Moon Phases

Waxing Crescent Moon is the moment the sliver of the Moon becomes visible after the New Moon. The Sun and Moon are at right angles and the rest of the moon is sometimes visible as well due to the phenomena of earthshine. This is a time to work on taking action towards our intention or goal. The Virgin aspect of the Goddess is invoked.

Constructive magic for love, health, prosperity, friendship, and success are all done during the Waxing Moon phase. This is a time for invoking new ideas and inspiration, new projects or injecting energy into your intentions. Research and create a plan for the New Moon intentions you set in order to build a strong foundation.

First Quarter (also called “Half-Moon”) begins when the Moon has reached the first quarter of its orbit around Earth, approximately 7 days after the New Moon. The energy of this time is similar to a square, when there is tension created but also motivation to get things done. Moon Quarters are edgy times, when stress levels rise, so be sure to practice good self-care.

During the First Quarter invoke magic to strengthen your intentions. Face your challenges and decide how you want to proceed. Focus on working productively with any issues that arise. This energy allows us to break through our fears or whatever may be holding us back as we move out of the darkness and increasingly towards the light.

Waxing Gibbous begins halfway between the New and Full Moon. Gibbous refers to the shape of the moon, which appears larger than the semi-circle of First Quarter but small than a full circle. Right now the energy is expansive and it is a good time to focus on where you want growth in your life. It is a period of continued development and the pathway to the fruition of what was started.

This is the time to take action toward your goal. More power in the right place is the key. Check keywords for both astrological signs that the sun and moon are in at this time for hints as to what kind of power is necessary. Now is when energy aligns to bring forth your desired intent.

Full Moon

Full Moon is the peak of the lunar cycle. The Sun and Moon are opposite of one another and the full light of the Sun can shine on the full sphere of the Moon. This is when the unconscious, instinctual processes are at their high point. We worship the Goddess as Mother. Projects begun at New Moon are reaffirmed or positive works for prosperity, love, healing or spiritual development are engaged in.

The Full Moon is the ideal time for rituals that involve divination, prophecy or protection. The energy is at a peak for manifesting goals, gaining strength, invoking passion or adding a boost to healing. It is a time of fruition for prior magical workings. It is also a time to celebrate and write down what we are grateful for, charge your crystals, and engage in divination.

The Full Moon is completion, fulfillment, power, expressing oneself emotionally in all forms of art and daily circumstance. This is a good time for reflection. Now is when you get clues as to how your magic is working. Remember that you are looking at a giant mirror in the sky. Time to pay attention to what is going on around you. Ask yourself if there is anything that needs to be released during the upcoming waning moon phase.

Waning Moon Phases

Waning Gibbous Moon is the time just after the full moon. This is a time of decrease when we reflect on what is no longer serving us. The Crone watches over us. She gives you the wisdom to decide what should end.

Scrying and psychic ability are heightened during the Waning Moon. This is the time for banishing magic to release unwanted negative energy, old thought patterns, bad habits or illness. It is a great time to declutter on both the physical and spiritual level.

Third Quarter (or “Last Quarter”) is when the moon’s light is fading and the need to look inward is stronger. This is when we should pay attention to the signs and signals our body send us, and look within for answers. Emotions should be heart-centered and it is a good time for boundaries to be set.

A releasing ceremony can be performed at this time or you can try a cleansing ritual to detoxify your environment or yourself.

Waning Crescent is the final phase of the moon cycle and occurs just prior to the New Moon. This is the time to reflect upon the past month and find the lessons of the lunar cycle. Go back to your New Moon intention and ask yourself what has happened? You have an opportunity to change now and prepare for the next new moon.

The waning crescent phase is a time to get cozy and indulge in some quality self-care. Take a well-earned rest and retreat from the pressure of the world for a little while.


Things to Remember

  • The Full Moon often leads to emotional upsets. Hasty behavior leading to unforeseen consequences is common at this time.
  • Perform your most important magic 3 degrees before or after conjunction. This means 6 hours before New Moon or 6 hours after.
  • Spells work faster or slower depending on how fast the moon is moving.
  • The moon takes 27 days and 7 hours to circle the astrological chart and spends 2.3 to 2.5 days in each sign.
  • The moon does not go retrograde but does go void-of-course as she moves from sign to sign, lasting anywhere from a few minutes to two days. During a void-of-course, energy is scattered. Refrain from magic or making decisions at this time.
  • The moon moves approximately 12 degrees per day or .5 degrees per hour.
  • The moon is ruled by Cancer. The moon’s day is Monday. Basic energy is emotion. Basic magic is protection and psychism. Element is water. Color is white or blue.
  • Keywords are:
    • Creativity, Domestic, Growth, Feeling, Feminine, Flexible, Imagination, Impressionable, Intuition, Kindness, Magnetism, Maternal, Matter, Mother, Peace, Plasticity, Protective, Psychic, Receptive, Sensitive, Sympathy, Visionary.

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