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Week Four Check In: 30 Day Self-Care Challenge


We’ve done it! Our month long challenge has come to an end and it’s time for us to reflect on our final week. If you are just joining us we invite you to start your own journey here –>> 30 Day Self-Care Challenge <<–

#30DaySelfCare ChallengeDay 22: I doodle absentmindedly all the time so the difference today was to pull out a mandala coloring book and stay fully present in the moment. Have you seen the crazy amount of “adult coloring books” out there? There is a good reason for it. While no one would mistake coloring pages as a form of art therapy, there are definitely therapeutic benefits to it. In my experience it allows me to shut off racing thoughts and relieve anxiety in the moment.

#30DaySelfCare Challenge

Day 23: This was a tough one for me but then my kids reminded me that dark chocolate isn’t actually “junk” food. Win!

#30DaySelfCare Challenge

Day 24: I love writing letters to my future self. But usually, it’s in the form of my mentally stable mind reminding my future depressed or manic self to chill the fuck out. Or it’s a checklist of things to be grateful for as a reminder that it will get better. For this one, though, I went to and sent myself a different kind of love letter. If you haven’t done this yet, I highly recommend it!

#30DaySelfCare Challenge

Day 25: I love making a vision board. This one was a little different than I’ve done before because I created it online first (rather than using magazines or cutting and pasting images). If you don’t have Adobe you can try it using the free program at Pixlr and use the “create a new image” feature. I kept the presets of 800 x 600 pixels and it printed out on a letter size page just fine.

#30DaySelfCare Challenge

Day 26: The language used for this one is deliberate. If you can get your body moving enough to break a sweat every day, you are doing great. So today we tackled a huge landscaping project in the backyard and sweat it out for *hours*. That counts as exercise in my book!

#30DaySelfCare Challenge

Day 27: I love this. We now have yellow sticky notes in every room of the house, reminding us about happiness, health, attracting abundance, etc. They are next to light switches, by the coffee pot, near the shower, really everywhere that we are looking all the time. Have you tried saying positive affirmations yet?

#30DaySelfCare Challenge

Day 28: Remember back on Day 1 when we set a goal for the month? Well, it’s time to set a new one using our Vision Board as a guide. The only way to move out of dreaming and into doing is by breaking down our dreams into tangible goals with a timeline for achieving it. If you have five action steps that you can take over the next year that moves you closer to your vision, isn’t it worth starting?

#30DaySelfCare Challenge

Day 29: This is a variation on Day 23. Making healthy food choices is a constant struggle for me but I refuse to move into this next stage of life with the same bad habits of my youth. Eating five a day may come easy for some people, but I’m an emotional eater and carbs are my go-to. This is an act of self-care that needs to be on a daily habit tracker for me to have a visual reminder.

#30DaySelfCare Challenge

Day 30: Which brings us to our final day of the challenge and that is paying it forward. Being of service to others is good for the soul, but only when your own cup is full. It’s my hope that you continue to refill your cup and tend to your mind, body, and spirit so that you can pay it forward in this world. If you’d like more motivation for getting started with your own commitment to self-care, be sure to sign up for the free email course and join our Wayward Inspiration Tribe.


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