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Week One Check In: 30 Day Self Care Challenge

Week One Check In: 30 Day Self Care Challenge


It’s time to check in on our progress with this months 30 Day Self Care Challenge. If you are wondering what the challenge is all about you can read about it here.


30 Day Self Care Challenge | Wayward Inspiration

Day 1: My personal goal for this months challenge is to become a pescatarian again. That means no beef, pork, or chicken (but I do still eat seafood). This is all part of a bigger goal, but breaking it down into actionable steps makes it easier to stick with. My daughter’s goal is to make a decision on a Discipleship Training School for next year.

30 Day Self Care Challenge | Wayward Inspiration

Day 2: This has made a HUGE difference for me this week! I’ve got the whole family on board with reminding me to drink enough water and I’m feeling SO*MUCH*BETTER already!

30 Day Self Care Challenge | Wayward Inspiration

Day 3: I love taking the time to write down what I am thankful for and it’s been a long time since I’ve done so. This challenge is letting me reconnect with some old habits from my twenties! When my daddy died of cancer so long ago, I realized quickly that HEALTH is my biggest gratitude each day. It’s still true today.

30 Day Self Care Challenge | Wayward Inspiration

Day 4: This is an ongoing process! I have 6 email accounts that I manage and I’m frightened to even open up two of them! (picture thousands of spammy bats flying out of an email cave) So I’ve started with my most frequently used email and unsubscribed from everything. It’s fantastic and has taken a lot of the anxiety out of checking my inbox. I can’t wait to get through the rest! 30 Day Self Care Challenge | Wayward Inspiration

Day 5: As a self-confessed *CARB*JUNKIE* I put this in as a personal challenge. I need more fruits and veggies in my life. We have started using a meal planner again so I can incorporate this into our daily menu. This week has been super creative in the kitchen and I’m actually pretty excited about keeping it up. It helps that the family is on board, too.

30 Day Self Care Challenge | Wayward Inspiration

Day 6: Okay, I’ll admit we did not get out to watch the sunset this night. A combination of exhaustion and overcast weather prevented it. But this is a perfect reminder of practicing mindfulness and I’m going to make more of an effort to get outside to see it.

30 Day Self Care Challenge | Wayward Inspiration

Day 7: It’s been a long time since I started an intentional journal. A place where I can keep track of all my rambling thoughts or observations. My daughter has taken to bullet journaling and this weekend we plan on sitting down together so she can show me how to get started.

That’s our progress so far. We are starting to feel more grounded and focused. I truly believe the benefit of self-care is that it strengthens our ability to form more loving connections with others. How are you doing on your journey? Check in with us in the comments below!

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