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Week Two Check In: 30 Day Self Care Challenge


Let’s check in with our progress for Week Two of the 30 Day Self-Care Challenge. If you are new to the challenge you can read about it here.

30 Day Self Care Challenge | Wayward Inspiration

Day 8: I don’t know what it is about this image that I love so much, but LOOK AT HER! She’s just got her balloons and her sassy little heels and gives no fucks. Is she walking *to* a party? Or walking away from it? Is she just celebrating herself? I choose to think of the latter and that’s the attitude I took on my stroll today: CELEBRATE YOURSELF!

30 Day Self Care Challenge | Wayward Inspiration

Day 9: Okay, this is something we do quite often in our house because laughter is really the glue that holds us all together. And I like to think we are hilarious. Personally, my favorite funny movie is The Princess Bride, but we watched Ghostbusters because it was a good break from reality.

30 Day Self Care Challenge | Wayward Inspiration

Day 10: Thank Goddess the tech-free zone landed on a Sunday this month! We decided TV doesn’t really count as “tech” since it’s more like a refrigerator (as far as being a household fixture) but we did unplug from the computer and social media, which meant my phone had to be kept out of reach! Notebooks and novels and sketch books were brought out as distractions instead. It was a nice change of pace so I think I’ll keep up with a regular routine of unplugging on Sundays!

30 Day Self Care Challenge | Wayward Inspiration

Day 11: Did you break out into a spontaneous dance party yet? I used to do this all the time when the kids were younger because it cracked me up to see their reactions and I don’t get embarrassed in public. I’d almost forgotten how fun it is. Seriously, bust a move right where you are. Your body will thank you!

30 Day Self Care Challenge | Wayward Inspiration

Day 12: I went one step better with this today. I listened to the music play while getting tickets to see my favorite band live in December. Yep, I’ll be traveling out to Texas to join up with two other powerful, badass, warrior women to get our groove on with Dead & Co. for two nights! I’m so excited!

30 Day Self Care Challenge | Wayward Inspiration

Day 13: Okay, have you picked up a new book to read? Visiting the library is still on my list, but there is a copy of Neil Gaiman’s Norse Mythology coming my way and I can’t wait to get started on it. Reading is one of life’s greatest pleasures, so grab a book and get lost in the pages.

30 Day Self Care Challenge | Wayward Inspiration

Day 14: Were you able to walk with a loved one yet? My daughter and both of our dogs join me on morning walks. Our day literally starts off on the right foot and it doesn’t even feel like exercise. We are just out and moving and enjoying the time. This is a self-care habit to stick with as long as possible.

We are halfway through the challenge and I’m feeling a whole lot better already. These small breaks during the day are absolutely necessary to recharge our spirit. We are living through a horrific political climate in America (and I say this as a GenX kid that grew up in the Cold War/AIDS Crisis/Reaganomics Bullshit Era) where we are bombarded daily with a shock and awe campaign meant to wear us down and make us complacent. You can’t keep resisting if you get worn out. The only way to combat it is by hitting the pause button, taking a step back, and taking care of yourself.

March on!


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