The most radical act you can perform in this lifetime is to develop an unabashed love for your own Divine Self. You are a child of the Universe. Let your light shine!

Sacred self-care is the conscious act of nurturing your inner and outer self with loving intention. Engage in regular self-care to celebrate the temple of your soul.

Align to the rhythm of the lunar cycle with journal prompts for both the new and full moon as they transition through their astrological signs in the night sky.

Magic is all around us. Tap into your inner wisdom and trust your intuition to guide you as you set up a regular practice of everyday magic. Discover correspondences to help strengthen your intention.

The solar cycle is a yearly rhythm that impacts our daily lives on multiple levels. Honor this connection with the seasonal celebrations of the Wheel of the Year. Discover the eight sabbats that help us stay in tune with the rhythm of the cosmos.

Wayward Inspiration is a collection of insights and ideas from all of my years wandering the road less traveled. In 1982 I began studying ancient world myths at the age of 10, discovered a treasure trove of occult writing by age 13, dove deep into the world of JRR Tolkien and all things magical at the age of 15 and have been winding through the pagan path of traditional Wiccan covens, psychadelic trips, sacred ceremonies, and eclectic solitary rituals ever since.

Growing up I was a highly sensitive, neurodivergent kid trapped in a world not made for me, so witchcraft was my salvation. 

After years of friends asking for advice in the realm of magic I decided to weave my own little corner of the web as a safe space for other wayward travelers. 


My Journey with Witchcraft

If you are curious about the winding path I wrote a little more about it here...